Ingrid Michaelson Forever
This fan-based blog is dedicated to the one, the only, Ingrid Michaelson, everybody. She is my idol, my inspiration, my everything. I met the messiah on 7/20/2013 and she called me a sweetheart.

Ingrid's website:
  1. tonytheleon:

    Ingrid Michaelson is one of my inspirations in music.. i mean i bought and started learning the ukulele because of her.

    When I found out yesterday morning at work that she was doing a live solo set at the Apple Store which was a few blocks from where I worked…. I was like OMG. and so of course I dipped over there to see her for the very first time.

    She was everything I imagined her to be. Talented…., Quirky, Funny, and Genuine. None of that fake image that most artist present themselves to the public. On top of all that she has the exact sense of humor as me. Haha im in loveeee JKJK

    OK done fanboying

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